Sumerian equips BBA Aviation with CPaaS

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Sumerian has provided BBA Aviation with its Capacity Planning-as-a-Service (CPaaS) offering to give the aviation firm better IT capacity visibility when it needs it most.

The tools mean BBA, which provides support and after market services to the aviation industry, can work out when extra capacity is needed to ensure its operations run as smoothly as possible at all times. It offers a single-pane view of all operations, meaning anyone involved in the company's infrastructure can keep tabs on what is happening - from the CIO to the IT managers and other staff in the department.

Using algorithms to predict when extra system capacity is needed, Sumerian's CPaaS can also predict when an outage is likely to happen, potentially helping IT staff avoid disasters. It will also analyse current and past demand to enable CIOs to plan accordingly.

Another feature of BBA Aviation's CPaaS implementation is scenario modelling, helping the company build potential obstacles and plan changes to their infrastructure including different IT environments to help them see what impact every tweak will make to the operations.

Using Sumerian's CPaaS has enabled BBA Aviation to optimise its IT resources and model planned changes.

“The importance of having an informed view of your IT estate cannot be stressed enough," David Stevens, CEO of Sumerian, said. "By providing the company with data-driven insight, CPaaS will enable BBA Aviation to make informed decisions and stay one step ahead of its competition on service delivery.”

Sumerian's CPaaS works on cloud, on premise and hybrid environments, ensuring if a company is moving to the cloud, they can meet the capacity demands of their applications.

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