Bank of Ireland implements ServiceNow for SIAM

A view of the outside of a branch of the Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland (BOI) has announced its partnership with ServiceNow has resulted in change tickets taking 75% less time to process, meaning employees are more motivated and productive.

ServiceNow helped BOI migrated its legacy system to an automated Service Implementation and Management (SIAM) solution to help speed up the amount of time it takes for change tickets to be processed.

The progress can also be monitored as part of the solution, allowing access to a more transparent service delivery platform, helping BOI understand where further efficiencies can be uncovered.

“We look at ServiceNow as a long-term, strategic solution that will optimise our day-to-day operations and help protect the bank’s most valuable asset: our reputation," Colin McEvoy, Head of Service Transition at the Bank of Ireland, said.

"It was clear that we needed to adopt an integrated approach to service management to establish a single version of the truth when it came to tracking the delivery of IT services to the bank’s 15,000 employees—our internal customers."

He added that ServiceNow enabled the Bank of Ireland to bring together incident, problem, and change management with the use of incident tickets, change tickets and problem tickets.

This can be achieved without having to re-enter data, which eliminates a large proportion of manual effort and enables IT staff to spend more time on innovation rather than solving problems that arise.

“We’ve also greatly improved morale by giving employees the tools to do their jobs better and empowering them to provide a better service to our customers,” McEvoy added.

Christopher O’Toole, enterprise sales leader of ServiceNow Ireland explained its partnership with the Bank of Ireland demonstrates how simplifying and automating complicated processes can have a much more positive impact than just adjusting personnel in the short term.

"By working closely with BOI on strategic, long-term solutions ServiceNow is playing a key role in streamlining and enhancing IT service management and ensuring regulatory compliance and control numerous and changing requirements.”

Clare Hopping
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