Overcoming cloud vendor lock-in

When public cloud first came on the scene, one of the key selling points was the potential end of vendor lock-in. With the ability to flex and scale on a consumption-based model, spinning up and shutting down instances as needed, one need never make a large infrastructure investment again.

Or that was the idea, anyway.

As time has gone on, however, it’s become apparent that vendor lock-in is an equally real problem in public cloud.

“We have seen a lot of lock-in, and almost [a] drive from some of the hyperscalers to say ‘don’t worry, we’re going to give you this, you can move it wherever you want based on price, based on the service you’re getting’. The reality is, it’s very, very hard,” says Dave Strong, director of advisory and professional services UK&I at HPE.

There have been other let downs, too, Strong says. Notably, organisations putting business critical applications into hyperscale platforms have found they’re not getting the experience they had expected or are losing some control over their data.

One way for organisations to regain control is by using a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy, consciously choosing where to place applications and data depending on their needs at any given time. Choosing a partner such as HPE, with its HPE GreenLake solution, can enable businesses to take full advantage of this growing trend.

“All that control and comfort allows them to start making decisions with confidence and allows them to move forward,” Strong says. “We wanted that consistency, we wanted to give that control and that management plane [no] matter where it is. It could be in a hyperscaler, it could be on-prem, it could be out at the edge – same experience and the same thought and process.”

For Strong, hybrid and multicloud are a “bedrock” on which future applications and businesses are built – and HPE GreenLake, with its cloud-like experience, can help facilitate that.

Watch the short video above to hear experts advice on how you can best navigate challenges when it comes to the cloud.

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