How hybrid is making data hoarding a thing of the past

As more sectors go digital, the amount of data at our fingertips continues to grow in staggering quantities.  Although data can be extremely useful, if your business doesn’t have the essential tools needed, or a firm strategy on how to use it, it can very quickly become overwhelming.

This can prove debilitating for data-led businesses, and can hamstring even the most thought-out digital transformation strategies.

“Public cloud gave people the ability to ignore the elephant in the corner of the room – which is ‘what have I got, and is it valuable?’,” explains James Hall, global chief technologist at HPE. “Data is not valuable unless you can get insight from it… if you can’t get any insight from it, don’t keep it.”

Whether accidentally or by design, many businesses find themselves hoarding data, and not only does public cloud offer little in the way of solutions, it can often exacerbate the problem as organisations end up storing it all - especially at the edge.   HPE argues hybrid offers a way out.

As Hall explains, HPE GreenLake is “about doing the work at the edge, so you get the insight and you only have to move the insight because that is a fraction of the actual data gathered”.

The platform is designed to help customers bring their resources to the data, regardless of where it sits. Gone are the days of having to put all your data, workloads, and resources into a single public cloud.

“I think there’s genuine honesty in our HPE GreenLake offerings and how we’re going to market,” says Andrew McDade, data services director, UKIMEA, at HPE. “That’s what’s resonating with customers, that’s what’s important for customers today. There are no hidden costs, there are no tricks, there are no smoke and mirrors… It's designed to serve our customers based on their desired outcomes.”

In the short video above, data experts from HPE outline the challenges that modern, data-led businesses face when they are locked into the outdated public cloud paradigm, and how hybrid is changing the narrative.

For more on HPE GreenLake and to watch the Clouded film, click here.

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