A third of IT recruiters to boost hiring efforts in H2 2017

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Hiring managers are planning to boost their efforts to find new talent in the IT sector over the second half of 2017, investing more to find better-suited candidates compared to the first half of the year, according to specialist professional recruitment firm Robert Walters.

Research carried out by the firm revealed almost all (94%) hiring managers are looking for senior-level staff, while three quarters have a need for junior levels.

The growth will be led by the fintech and security sectors, which Robert Walters said has been caused by pressure from high-profile security breaches, such as the May 2017WannaCry attack.

"[These attacks] have highlighted the importance of cyber security, particularly for large businesses dealing with sensitive financial information," Ahsan Iqbal, associate director atRobert Walters, said.

"As a result, demand for cyber security experts is high, with demand frequently outstripping supply. In addition, developers are highly sought after as many businesses look to develop their digital and online platforms to take advantage of new commercial opportunities."

On top of a heightened demand for security personnel, businesses also need employees to lead their digital transformation processes, ensuring their business is protected against threats.

"Many large businesses are currently in the process of implementing large scale IT and digital projects, either relating to digitalisation or overhauling cyber security procedures," Iqbal added. "This is driving demand for mid-level specialists who can develop and implement these projects, identifying key areas that require review and producing strategies for addressing them."

He explained those entering companies at senior levels need to engage stakeholders and explain the importance of the projects as a benefit to the entire business.

"Opportunities are also available for more junior professionals with strong technical skills who can provide support for core functions to bring these projects to fruition," Iqbal finished.

Clare Hopping
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