Google offers enterprises more ways to migrate to its cloud


Google has updated its Dedicated Interconnect service to allow businesses to extend their corporate data centres to Google's Cloud.

The service will primarily be available in the company's Mumbai, Munich, Montreal, and Atlanta, with more locations available via Equinix.

"By providing direct access to Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect, we are helping enterprises leverage Google's network the largest in the world and accelerate their hybrid cloud strategies globally," Ryan Mallory, vice president of global solutions enablement at Equinix, said.

"Dedicated Interconnect offered in collaboration with Equinix enables customers to easily build the cloud of their choice with dedicated, low-latency connections and SLAs that enterprise customers have come to expect from hybrid cloud architectures."

Global routing for Cloud Router allows businesses to access any subnet in all Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regions from any on-premise network. This means, for example that a network can connect from an on-premise data centre to GCP's Dedicated Interconnect location, offering access to all subnets running in all GCP regions around the world.

Dedicated Interconnect was unveiled in September with the aim of reducing network costs, while increasing throughput, allegedly allowing businesses to control how their large data sets are routed through the network.

"Dedicated Interconnect will make it easier for more businesses to connect to Google Cloud, and we can't wait to see the next generation of enterprise workloads that Dedicated Interconnect makes possible," John Veizadez, product manager of Dedicated Interconnect, said.

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