Bomgar adds secure access products to Azure

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Bomgar has partnered with Microsoft Azure, giving businesses the option to deploy its secure access products - virtual remote support and privileged access - in a private cloud environment.

Customers now have the choice whether to use Bomgar's suite of services on the cloud as a SaaS deployment, or in their on-premise physical or virtual environments, or on a private Azure cloud, implementing the same remote access policies and regulations throughout their infrastructure.

"This Azure deployment option is an extension to Bomgar's platform offerings for virtual appliances," said Jason Jones, product manager at Bomgar. "Providing choice to customers has always been a priority to Bomgar because most companies are not one-size-fits-all when it comes to their environments. Customers moving their infrastructure to Microsoft Azure can now include their Bomgar deployments in that environment."

Additionally, whatever implementation a business chooses for its deployment, full audit logs and reports are available, Bomgar said, alongside video recording to ensure the company is adhering to the organisation's security policies.

It means enterprises are able to access any remote system, running on any platform around the world, making it an ideal choice for businesses with a distribution of global offices.

Bomgar extended its Remote Support to Chrome OS devices at the beginning of October, meaning it's now pretty much available for any device running in the enterprise. The latest version, 17.1, also added enterprise scalability, security and manageability features.

Clare Hopping
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