Cloud 28+ membership grows from 200 to 700 in a year

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Ahead of HPE Discover kicking off tomorrow, Cloud 28+ has announced its membership has grown from 200 the previous year to 700.

Xavier Poisson, vice president of worldwide service providers at Cloud 28+ and HPE, called it a "worldwide player" in a conference in Madrid yesterday. He talked attendee through how much the cloud conglomerate had changed in the 12 months since the 2016 event.

"[We have] 700 partners who are collaborating together, cross-borders, cross-regions, to really make one single catalogue of cloud services," he said. Poisson also cited 451 Research, which has painted the Cloud 28+ group as the largest cloud aggregator in the industry.

It's present in 60 countries, "which is huge," said Poisson, and has 400 data centres in 33 countries with a total of 4300 end users. For Poisson, diversity matters too; the group covers 28 languages in total including Arabic, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and more. He calls Cloud 28+ a "worldwide player".

The breakdown of the 700 members is 486 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), 123 in North America, 10 in Latin America and the Caribbean and 65 in the Asia-Pacific.

"The region which is the weakest is Latin America and the Caribbean, but we have a plan there to increase [focus] because it matters to me," said Poisson.

Despite growing in size, Xavier stressed that Cloud 28+ and its potential remains a key focus area within the HPE strategy.

"We are a trusted community of independent cloud players leveraging HPE technology. Together we want to delight our customers in each region - diversity matters - with a seamless on or off-premise experience. We will pull our resources to share and promote the common platform," he said.

Poisson added that the ultimate aim was "to accelerate the acquisition of cloud knowledge and tailored solutions matching our customers unique digital transformation."

He also pointed to how important startups are: "It is at the university that the startups are starting their job and if really we can take the good things done at the university and feed the job we are doing we can create more value on the market."

Image source: Zach Marzouk, Cloud Pro

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