Oracle is integrating machine learning across all its platform-as-a-service offerings

A view of Oracle's office building in Silicon Valley, California

Cloud giant Oracle has announced its expanding its AI and machine learning technology from its Autonomous Database across all its platform-as-a-service offerings.

Revealing the news at its annual CloudWorld conference in New York, Oracle said the move will make all its Cloud Platform services "self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing", which in turn will help save on admin labour.

"Now Oracle is adding autonomous capabilities to data management, application development, integration, analytics, security and systems management.. it is setting a new industry standard for autonomous cloud capabilities," the firm said.

The move will see the company applying AI and machine learning to its entire Cloud Platform services to help customers lower cost, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and make smarter decisions.

The idea is that once rolled out, Oracle's cloud services will automate key operational functions like tuning, patching, backups and upgrades while they power secure enterprise IT systems.

"The future of tomorrow's successful enterprise IT organization is in full end-to-end automation," said Oracle Cloud Platform's executive vice president of product development, Amit Zavery.

"At Oracle, we are making this a reality. We are weaving autonomous capabilities into the fabric of our cloud to help customers safeguard their systems, drive innovation faster, and deliver the ultimate competitive advantage with smarter real time decisions."

Essentially, Oracle believes that by integrating autonomous tech into all its cloud offerings, it will free up technology talent for higher-value tasks.

The autonomous capabilities to key functions include:

  • Data integration, which will automate ingestion, define data flows and prep data
  • Application development, which will benefit from using machine learning to automate frequent actions and coding, as well as spotting security issues automatically
  • Analytics via automated data prep and discovery
  • App integration, which will make use of automated business processes and connect enterprise apps
  • System and identity management, including automating manual monitoring and performance settings

The autonomous capabilities for data management, application development, integration, analytics, security and system management will roll out across Oracle's Cloud Platform in the second half of Fiscal 2018, the firm said.