Rackspace expands Google Cloud Platform support

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Rackspace has unveiled new services for customers running Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Rackspace Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) allows engineers to assess a business' critical apps, how they're designed, implemented and managed to ensure they can stand up to a wide variety of scenarios as well as boosting installed app reliability and resiliency.

The firm also unveiled RMS Proactive Detection and Response and Compliance Assistance for GCP, which have been designed to identify breaches and respond to them as quickly as possible by making use of pre-approved actions.

Rackspace explained it launched these two new features on its GCP platform to help businesses with their digital transformation efforts.

"Our new CRE offering provides a way for companies to pinpoint which applications matter most from a business perspective and then systematically measure and improve upon that," said Warren Jonas, general manager of Managed Google Cloud Platform, EMEA at Rackspace.

"With RMS and compliance assistance, we're helping to ensure their data, applications and infrastructure are protected every step of the way. These offerings, paired with Rackspace and Google Cloud's combined technical expertise, will make these applications more reliable and secure, and ultimately help drive greater business value."

Although there are fewer users of Google's Cloud compared to the likes of AWS and Azure, Rackspace seemingly thinks it's vital to address the needs of its Google customers too - and Google appreciates this.

"Our collaboration with Rackspace has continued to evolve over the past year and together we are driving some exciting innovations that will deliver more value to our customers," added Choon Aun Quek, Google's head of Cloud Platform, North Central & Canada.

"The CRE and managed security and compliance assistance offerings for GCP ensure customers' applications are high performing, reliable and secure. We look forward to ongoing collaboration."

Clare Hopping
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