HPE banks on AI and analytics for cloud success

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HPE has beefed up its portfolio at its annual Discover conference this week with a suite of updates to its cloud infrastructure and management portfolio.

The company's flagship cloud-based network management product, Aruba Central, now sports AI-powered analytics technology integrated from Aruba NetInsight and User Experience Insight. These, the company says, will help IT professionals resolve intermittent network issues quickly while also identifying ways to optimise customers' infrastructure for a better overall experience.

Aruba Central also has enhancements in the software-defined arena. The new SD-WAN Orchestrator has an eye on edge computing, allowing administrators to easily deploy flexible and secure topologies in large-scale edge environments. According to HPE, this will allow organisations to connect thousands of branches to multiple data centres.

There's also a new SaaS prioritisation feature that enhances the performance of SaaS applications for end users while also giving visibility and feedback of this experience to administrators.

Finally, in the Aruba business segment, Virtual Gateways is now available for AWS and Azure.

It's not just Aruba Central that's been spruced up, though.

HPE also announced extensions to two of its most recent partnerships: Google Cloud and Equinix.

Organisations running containerised workloads on ProLiant servers or Nimble Storage on-premise can now HPE Cloud Volumes with Google Cloud Anthos for hybrid disaster recovery, hybrid continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD), or similar.

This offering is also available through HPE GreenLake, the company's consultancy and pay-per-use service.

With Equinix, businesses using the company's colocation services that are looking for cloud-based disaster recovery, backup and recovery, or test and development environments can now get Data as a Service based on HPE Cloud Volumes through the Equinix Marketplace.

All of these services are available immediately.

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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