Back up to the cloud securely with Cyclonis Backup

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Cyclonis Limited, a creator of cloud-enabled software and data-storage protection, has recently released its newest storage-related product, Cyclonis Backup.

Cyclonis Backup leverages the Cloud and strong encryption to help users protect themselves against ransomware while also allowing them to back up their data securely. Cyclonis has long committed to providing its customers a simpler, more secure way of organizing and protecting their digital information.

With an interface designed for ease of use among novices and experts alike, Cyclonis Backup allows users to effortlessly back up their files and data to the Cloud. It also protects the data throughout the process using encryption algorithms such as HTTPS and AES-256. For the convenience of its users, files may be stored across multiple devices and browsers, and users can restore them on an as-needed basis.

This system also includes the Cyclonis Backup Wizard, which assists users in locating and selecting the most important data to them and backing it up to the Cloud as effortlessly as possible. Backup Wizard scans your device to locate photos, videos, documents and other commonly backed-up personal data.

To help users ensure their most personal data remains protected and secured, Cyclonis Backup leverages a myriad of powerful encryption technologies, including AES-256 and HTTPS. AES-256, an encryption standard established by the US National Institutes of Standards and Technology, is used by large-scale organizations across the globe. Meanwhile, HTTPS has come to be the most well-known encryption techniques and is recognized for its reliability and security.

Users must have a Cyclonis account to use Cyclonis Backup. It is worth noting, though, Cyclonis Backup permits users to back up and restore their data across multiple devices via a single account. Cyclonis Backup users can also use the Cyclonis website to access and download their files, giving them the utmost in flexibility.


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There’s a free version of Cyclonis Backup with 2GB of cloud storage and limited access to Cyclonis’ support team. For those in need of additional storage space, there’s a variety of paid subscription plans you can tailor to your needs.

Entry-level plans for Cyclonis Backup begin at $7 per month, while the most expensive plan comes in at $28 per month. For those who require additional storage space, Cyclonis Backup allows its users to upgrade their plans at any time.