Pixspan releases the “fastest” multi-cloud data acceleration software

crowd of people around table with clouds
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Pixspan has announced its PixMover software now provides multi-cloud support for public and private clouds, including Amazon AWS S3 and Snowball, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, and Wasabi Ball, within a single solution.

Designed to accelerate and enhance cloud and on-premise workflows, Pixspan says its software solutions provide unprecedented savings in time, storage and infrastructure costs.

Now, by optimizing how businesses store, collaborate on, transfer and manage data and with multi-cloud support in a single solution, PixMover provides businesses with the flexibility to choose the cloud that best satisfies their business needs and requires no specialized knowledge in any of the cloud platforms.

“Our industry-leading multi-cloud solution is essentially a superhighway for data transfer,” said Michael Rowny, chairman and CEO of Pixspan.

“PixMover eliminates gridlock by allowing more data traffic on the network and is the ideal alternative to the high cost of acquiring more equipment or upgrading network infrastructure.”

Rowny added that with features like multi-cloud support and drag-and-drop functionality, Pixspan’s customers don’t need to be experts in all of the cloud platforms. For Rowny, features like these are the benefits of using the company’s software.

PixMover also features an intuitive web user interface that allows customers to easily stage, manage and transfer files to Azure, AWS and Wasabi clouds from a single pane of glass.

The company says Pixspan provides 50-80% cost savings for storage and egress when using its Bit Exact Roundtrip lossless compression for full-resolution images and video too. Bit Exact Roundtrip is especially useful for businesses with limited bandwidth but requires 100% lossless compression when transferring data to the cloud.