9Cloud provides customized solutions for cloud-first strategies

Bell Techlogix LogixCenter headquarters

Bell Techlogix, a provider of IT managed services and solutions, just launched 9Cloud, a bundle of cloud solution services for supporting cloud-first strategies and embracing multi-cloud environments.

This bundle takes a comprehensive approach to cloud transformation, focusing on driving business value and enabling advanced technologies, including hybrid cloud, software-defined infrastructure and analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

9Cloud is based on nine foundational pillars for transforming and optimizing cloud architecture, which includes culture and expertise, flexibility, process, strategic roadmap, governance and cost management, application modernization, security and compliance, architecture and stability, and automated IT/cloud operations.

"Today's business climate demands IT infrastructure that is not only secure but flexible and tailored to meet an organization's unique demands. Bell Techlogix 9Cloud delivers,” said Ron Frankenfield, CEO, Bell Techlogix. "Our 9Cloud services are guided by Bell Techlogix industry-leading expertise and highly skilled team."

9Cloud includes a number of offerings and services. Its strategic cloud transformation roadmaps help companies achieve the current and future business objectives. Bell Techlogic’s experts “assess, design, modernize, and optimize cloud architecture.”

The company enables clients to transform their cloud architecture using experts, processes, and advanced technologies, which includes hybrid cloud, software-defined infrastructure, and AI/ML-based analytics.

9Cloud provides an agnostic cloud management framework through an ITIL-based cloud management platform, which is integrated with ServiceNow, performance monitoring tools, and the SmartInsights advanced analytics platform.

ServiceNow enables companies to automate repetitive functions, including human resources, customer service, IT service management, and business applications. The company also evaluates clients’ cloud environments for cost, performance, security, compliance, reliability, and DevOps strategy.

Bell Techlogix is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and provides “transformational Next Generation Digital Workplace and Infrastructure Management solutions to large and mid-market enterprises, as well as the public sector.”

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