Cutbacks forcing public sector to use cloud

A pair of wire cutters poised to cut through a network cable.

A report by iGov Survey on behalf of Ancoris has revealed that cut backs are responsible for rapid adoption of cloud services in the public sector.

82 per cent of those in senior positions in the government think austerity measures have had a big impact on digital transformation and 72 per cent said they now understand that cloud technology could have a positive impact on their organisation.

As a result, almost two thirds plan to introduce cloud and collaboration technologies in the future, with mobile becoming increasingly important to drive flexibility in traditional organisations.

“There is no doubt the digital transformation spearheaded by the Government Digital Service is starting to impact the delivery of public sector services, making them simpler, clearer and more accessible,” commented Duncan Farley, head of business transformation at Ancoris.

David McLeman, CEO of Ancoris added: “Achieving more with less is an ongoing challenge for the public sector, but one that is being supported by initiatives such as G-Cloud.

"Introducing transformative cloud technology, such as Google Apps for Work enables the introduction of social, collaboration and mobile technology throughout an organisation from top to bottom, fostering an environment that will deliver better, faster services at a lower cost.”

However, it's not all positive, with 57 per cent of those surveyed saying people are the biggest barrier to delivering digital transformation in the public sector. Additionally, it discovered senior technology leaders are least likely to be driving forward digital change, with only two per cent approaching their CTO and three per cent contacting their CIO.

The CEO seems to be the key decision maker, with 59 per cent of senior decision makers saying it is them who will drive forward digital advancements.

“The low number of people recognising the role of the CIO and CTO in fostering change is worrying though. Organisations need to enable their IT teams to focus more on the people and process aspect of change in order to fully benefit from technology," Farley finished.

Clare Hopping
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