Microsoft opens up Azure to Packer & OpenNebula

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Users of Microsoft’s Azure cloud will be able to access more open source tools with the announcement that and OpenNebula will become interoperable with its cloud.

Microsoft’s Open Technologies subsidiary made the declaration at an Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon.

Developers will now be able to use the plug-ins to manage cloud deployments, across public, private and hybrid clouds. can be used by developers to create virtual machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configurations.

"This partnership is a great step in the direction of a simpler development and deployment process for developers. We are excited to work with Microsoft and others to enable support and provide the tools needed for efficiently managing private and public cloud infrastructure,” said Mitchell Hashimoto, founder of HashiCorp, creator and project lead of Vagrant and Packer

OpenNebula supports the management of heterogenous datacentre infrastructures. This plug-in also supports hybrid clouds on Azure allowing organisations to move applications to this cloud.

"We believe in the coexistence of the private and public cloud, and all the team is excited about giving the OpenNebula users using the hybrid model the possibility of on-demand access to a leading cloud provider like Microsoft Azure," said Rubén S. Montero, chief architect of the OpenNebula project.

Microsoft recently announced that developers can deploy Docker containers into Linux virtual machines using the cross-platform command line tools. It also touted support for Docker’s libswarm project too.

It also declared support for Kubernetes, a cluster-management solution for Docker containers.

Microsoft Open Technologies president Jean Paoli said in a blog post that open platforms are “creating new opportunities and creating unexpected partnerships in the industry”.

“Openness is how Microsoft does business – building open platforms that bring value to our customers, partners and developers,” he said.

Rene Millman

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