Unilever modernises sales with Accenture's cloud

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Unilever has teamed up with Accenture to roll out an integrated trade and marketing platform to help it better connect with its customers.

Accenture's Cloud Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Accenture Cloud Retail Execution, both built on the Salesforce platform, will help the company merge its efforts across the business, combining cloud, mobile, social, data science and artificial intelligence capabilities to better relate to its customers.

The firm will also implement NewsPage, which will enable Unilever to build one system that can manage its entire third-party distributor network. Roll out will begin in India, with other territories set to follow if the initial tests are successful.

"Today’s consumers are better connected, better informed and more digitally savvy, making them more prone to switching and harder to please, so consumer packaged goods companies need to work ever more closely with their customer partners to drive growth,” said John Zealley, senior managing director of Accenture’s Consumer Goods & Services group.

He added that implementing its technology on the Salesforce platform means Unilever can drive digital connections with customers more effectively, which is vital for a modern business.

"By using knowledge of consumer preferences and their evolving demands, Unilever is clearly adapting to the changing market and is well positioned to maintain a market leading position.”

“We are living in the age of the customer, where everyone and everything is becoming connected in new and exciting ways,” said Cindy Bolt, senior vice president of Salesforce Industries, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods.

“Consumer goods companies, like Unilever, that take advantage of these new cloud, mobile, social and data science technologies, such as those offered by Accenture Cloud TPM and Accenture Cloud RE, will not only be able to deliver seamless customer experiences, but also create new sources of revenue as well.”

Clare Hopping
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