Druva launches intelligent storage tiering for AWS

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Cloud-based data protection firm Druva has today announced a new storage tiering system for AWS, with the aim of helping customers optimise their storage spending across hot and cold storage.

The new system supports AWS' S3, Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive offerings, and Druva claims that customers can benefit from a potential reduction of up to 50% in total cost of ownership. Clients can either let Druva automatically handle the tiering of their data for a minimum of hassle, or manually specify the tiering system they want to use for closer oversight.

The intelligent storage system also includes a central data management dashboard, machine learning-powered data protection, and one-click policy management actions.

"IDC estimates approximately 60% of corporate data is 'cold,' about 30% 'warm' and 10% 'hot,'" said Phil Goodwin, director of research at IDC. "Organisations have typically faced a tradeoff between the cost of storing ever increasing amounts of data and the speed at which they can access the data. Druva's collaboration with AWS will allow organisations to tier data in order to optimise both cost and speed of access. Customers can now choose higher speed for the portion of data that needs it and opt for lower costs for the rest of the data that does not."

"Enterprises are constantly searching for ways to shift budget to innovation projects," said Druva's chief product officer, Mike Palmer. "Driving down the cost of storage and administration is seen by the enterprise as the best opportunity to move money from legacy. Beyond cost-savings, the ability to see multiple tiers of data in a single pane of glass increases control for governance and compliance and eventually analytics, and shows customers that the public cloud architecture decreases risk, cost and enables them to deliver on the promise of data."

The company also announced the general availability of its disaster recovery as a service product for AWS. Like it's storage tiering, it also claims a potential TCO reduction of up to 50% as well as faster recovery times, easier management and improved reporting functions.

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