Capital One chooses AWS as new cloud provider

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Capital One has been announced as one of AWS's most recent customers, with plans to migrate many of its customer and business applications to the platform in the coming years.

The financial institution will develop a five-year plan for moving its applications to AWS to help it offer a better customer experience to all.

“Technology is going to play a central role in the future of banking as we move toward an experience that is real-time, digital-first, and that anticipates customer needs," said Rob Alexander, CIO of Capital One. "The AWS Cloud enables fast, efficient development and deployment of software and allows our teams to focus on what we do best – building great software and delivering innovative experiences to our customers."

He added that AWS will enable Capital One to continue taking a cloud-first approach to development. Its knowledge of highly regulated industries, including financial services, means it's perfectly placed to offer a secure infrastructure for the company's business too.

Mike Clayville, vice president of worldwide sales at AWS, highlighted how financial service companies are quickly adopting the cloud because it offers better efficiency, enhanced security and scalability.

“Such organisations are making the cloud a core part of their central IT operations and digital transformation efforts to take advantage of the security, reliability, and broad functionality of the AWS Cloud,” he said.

“As a leading financial services institution, Capital One is embracing cutting-edge technology, like the AWS Cloud, to innovate in an industry that has great potential to benefit from technology transformation.”

Almost a year ago, Capital One was revealed as one of Oracle's customers, as the company transitioned from offering on-premise systems to cloud-based service.

Despite Oracle's senior vice president of cloud development Peter Magnusson saying at the time that Amazon’s services are more suited to the needs of consumers than corporations, it seems as though it's still managing to attract businesses, including Oracle's own customers.

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