Atlassian’s new cloud offering addresses enterprises’ core needs

Atlassian logo on a computer screen

Atlassian has unveiled Cloud Enterprise, an advanced cloud solution to meet its enterprise clients’ core needs.

The new platform offers enhanced scalability, security, and governance controls to enterprises looking to standardize deployments of Atlassian tools — Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management — on the cloud.

“With Cloud Enterprise, we now offer customers the ability to not only standardize on one cloud platform that can scale on demand, but also set up multiple instances to support specific team needs. A key differentiator for this offering is data residency, which is the ability to pin data to a geographic realm,” said Bala Venkatrao, head of product, enterprise cloud at Atlassian.

Cloud Enterprise will offer businesses five benefits, including enterprise-grade authentication using SAML single-sign-on, unlimited customization instances, 99.95% uptime SLA, dedicated support team, and a centralized hub for managing user roles and permissions.

The platform also features an organization audit log for tracking unusual admin activity. Information from the audit log provides answers to specific security questions, including, “Is that user supposed to be reading or editing that page or project?” or “How did this user lose access to a product that he/she should have access to?” Admins can also export the audit log into a .CSV file.

Additionally, using the organization insights feature, admins can monitor daily and monthly active users across Atlassian products, review license status, and track the number of users who’ve enabled two-step verification.


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Finally, Atlassian Cloud Enterprise offers a safe and isolated sandbox environment to test and preview configuration changes made to Atlassian products.

“To help admins more efficiently manage thousands of users spread across multiple products and instances, Cloud Enterprise includes a new centralized admin hub. And built-in integrations with leading identity providers let customers automate user provisioning and de-provisioning, saving admins time and hassle,” Venkatrao added.