Windows Azure users get secure password manager

The Microsoft Azure logo on a smartphone

Organisations using Windows Azure will be able to use a new password manager in the cloud after Lieberman Software has made its privileged identity management (PIM) product, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), available on Windows Azure.

The service operates as a service platform to provider automation and programmatic orchestration of sensitive data generated on a massive scale in multi-tenant service provider and enterprise environments.

The service supports pre-built Azure images and PowerShell scripts. This, the firm said, means that an entire ERPM environment can be rapidly deployed within Azure, and orchestrated with minimal operator intervention. This means that customers, by using the Azure control panel, could distribute the components of ERPM to anywhere where Azure data centres are located.

Lieberman Software claimed organisations could deploy the service in less than an hour in Windows Azure to automatically find, manage and secure privileged identities.

Philip Lieberman, president and chief executive of Lieberman Software said one of the reasons for deploying the service on Azure was its worldwide data centre footprint.

“We can bring up an enterprise grade privileged identity management solution globally in less than one hour, and have it appear as part of a client’s existing infrastructure within this same time frame. Given how many different platforms ERPM manages, and at a massive scale, the elastic computing of Windows Azure is very appealing,” he said.

Lieberman said it could now extend privileged identity management to Windows Azure, because it is now secure enough to run ERPM and store the cryptographically sensitive ‘keys to the IT kingdom’ that are generated and managed by our product.

“Microsoft Azure not only delivers a highly trustworthy platform, it does so faster and at a lower price than on-premises solutions,” he said.

He added that this was significant as PIM is a mission-critical operation in most enterprises.

“PIM solutions discover, manage and store powerful superuser account credentials, such as root and administrator, in highly sensitive and distributed environments. Data integrity, fault tolerance and scalability are keys to its mission,” he added.

Rene Millman

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