Tenable and ServiceNow partner up for security services

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Tenable Network Security has announced it will provide ServiceNow's Security Operations customers with its security solutions, helping to identify, prioritise and get rid of vulnerabilities to protect against outside threats.

The partnership means security teams using ServiceNow's work automation platform will be freed up for other tasks, because they will not have to manually identify and fix threats. Instead, they can simply fire up Tenable SecurityCenter, which uses the company's vulnerability and remediation data to proritise threats to fix.

“We are committed to helping organizations streamline and simplify their IT security operations,” said Matt Alderman, vice president of strategy at Tenable Network Security.

“With vulnerability data from Tenable available at their fingertips, ServiceNow customers gain the critical context needed to prioritize their work more efficiently, and ultimately, better serve their users to protect their organisation and remediate security threats.”

This new partnership forms part of Tenable’s new Technology Integration Partner (TIP) program, which launched in February.

Tenable also announced its Security Assurance solution this week at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. The product makes use of Assurance Report Cards, which helps executives understand the organisation's security and compliance.

“If organisations want a clear picture of their security status, they need to help security practitioners and their board of directors to speak the same language,” said Alderman.

“Our new Security Assurance solution gives organizations the critical context needed to deploy a comprehensive top-down security program that aligns day-to-day security operations with strategic business objectives, helping them to identify gaps and improve their security posture.”

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