Sennheiser taps into AWS for cloud-based call and management capabilities

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Sennheiser has teamed up with Amazon to launch a range of USB-connected headsets that are compatible with Amazon Connect and Amazon Chime.

The Amazon Connect integration means users will be able to manage and control their calls, including viewing incoming calls and accepting them, muting, unmuting and ending the call via Google Chrome.

“With Amazon Connect becoming increasingly popular for customer service, we are proud to join achieve Standard Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network,” said Theis Moerk, Sennheiser's vice president of enterprise solutions product management.

“By combining the benefits of Amazon Connect with Sennheiser’s premium headsets and cloud-based IT-management solution Sennheiser HeadSetup Pro Manager, cloud contact center customers can now manage their calls and headsets more efficiently.”

Additionally, headsets and speakers can be managed via Sennheiser’s HeadSetup Pro Manager, meaning IT staff can manage all the headsets in operation within the organisation, such as exception handling, firmware updates and device configuration, allowing for all devices to be managed at once if need be.

Amazon Chime allows businesses to take advantage to a unified communications platform. The integration allows all devices - whether headsets or speakers - to stay in sync during conference calls, whether voice-only or voice and video calls. Because Amazon Chime runs on AWS, IT departments don’t have to manage the infrastructure and workers can experience less disruption.

“We are excited to connect our premium products with Amazon Connect in order to provide an even better customer experience,” Moerk added.

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