OneDrive users submit plea to Microsoft over unlimited plan

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The OneDrive and Windows Communities group has submitted an appeal to Microsoft regarding its decision to cut unlimited storage plans and reduce the free storage plan from 15GB to 5GB.

Following the news last week that Microsoft is planning to scrap its unlimited plan and will be reducing its 15GB free plan to 5GB, the group explained it's not fair for the end users who chose OneDrive because of its flexible options.

In a petition on, the communities explained they understand the removal of the plan on the grounds of abuse - after all, some users do tend to over-use unlimited plans - but it shouldn't be used as a punishment for responsible users.

The group suggests Microsoft should instead put a 2TB limit on OneDrive, meaning Microsoft will not only appease its users with enhanced storage, but it will also help the company stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, the group asked that the 100GB and 200GB plans remain for those who require more storage than the now-5GB free plan offers.

The petition also stated that Microsoft should offer add-ons or subscription plans for people who don't necessarily want to use an unlimited plan, but may need more storage than the 5GB free service offers.

"OneDrive users who need 100GB of storage should have that option instead of being forced to move to another service or cope with insufficient space," it said.

And those who already have a free 15GB camera bonus should continue to have the perk, the group of protesters said.

"With storage being as cheap as it is today and other services like Windows 10 relying heavily on OneDrive, there is really no reason for Microsoft to reduce the storage amount on plans outside those with unlimited storage," the group said in its petition.

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