Interoute rolls out Cloudian tech for better cloud storage

Cloud storage

IaaS provider Interoute has upped its storage game, rolling out Cloudian's HyperStore object storage to its datacentres.

The technology, which will be made available as part of Interoute's Virtual Data Centre Cloud Platform, offers fast, reliable and highly durable storage for unstructured data, backups and archives in the cloud, the firm said.

The company said it chose Cloudian HyperStore due to its AWS S3 API compatibility, multi-tenancy features, ease of use and scale-out capability.

The roll-out has enabled Interoute to offer multiple petabytes of capacity immediately and the organisation said it plans on further growth, in accordance with customer demand.

Mark Lewis, EVP of products and development at Interoute, said: "With GDPR looming large in 2018, as well as the rapid adoption of VDC and SaaS platforms, our customers are revisiting the legacy world of physical backup and archiving and demanding a simple, controlled, auditable cloud service.

"So, we've created an easily accessed and integrated, cost-effective object storage service to support their digital transformation."

The deployment is available across the company's entire platform, hosted in 17 'virtual data center zones' around the world. This includes in-country deployments in Switzerland and Germany, to comply with those territories' data sovereignty needs.

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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