Basho updates Riak database and cloud storage portfolio

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Basho has announced a series of additions to its Riak database and cloud storage software portfolio that it claims will make it easier for SMBs to benefit from the customer support services that may have been out of their reach in the past because of cost.

The updated range also includes a new top-end enterprise product that Basho claims offers an even higher level of support than its standard enterprise package.

At the bottom end, Riak Starter and Riak Basic offer users of its Apache-2 licensed open source product Basho engineering and customer support.

Riak Starter costs from $2,800 (£1,701) per node per year, with support available between 8am and 8pm daily.

Riak Basic is a little more expensive, at $4,000 (£2,429) per year, but the SLA includes 24/7 support, although at a lower level than that offered by its Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise products.

New at the top end are Riak Enterprise Plus and Riak CS Enterprise plus. In addition to the standard SLAs associated with these products, Enterprise Plus adds a baseline and annual system health check with a Riak Enterprise or Riak CS Enterprise license. This, the company claims, ensures long-term platform stability and performance.

Jeremy Hill, EMEA marketing manager for Basho, told Cloud Pro: “Fundamentally, we are trying to better meet the needs of our customer base by making the kind of support you get with Riak Enterprise available to a broader spectrum of people.”

Aside from these new products, Basho also announced the forthcoming release of Riak 2.0 within the next 75 days (i.e. by 30 March).

New features in the update will include Riak search, which is based on Apache Solr, Riak control – a graphical user interface to monitor the cluster - and client security.

Riak 2.0 will also include support for new, as yet undisclosed, data types, which Hill believes will be the most important thing for users of the database.

“This will let our customers deal with distributed databases in a more effective way and make them easier to deploy,” he said.

Jane McCallion
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