Lush Cosmetics rolls out gamification with Memset


Cloud hosting provider Memset has partnered with Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics to incorporate gamification into the firm’s European staff training programme.

The game, called Lush Quest, introduces new employees to the company brand by presenting them with an interactive story that helps them learn about the company and rewards them for their progress.

At the end of the programme, users are presented with a 10 minute quiz to ensure they have absorbed the material presented in the game.

Over 2,000 employees have used the training programme so far across Europe, Lush claims, and the company is the latest in a long line of firms to use gamification to increase employee engagement.

Memset is hosting the programme, which has been made available in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish, on its public cloud platform using five Miniservers.

Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset, said: “We are delighted to be able to team up with Lush to provide the necessary platform to deliver their gamification training programme. We are very excited to see how Lush Quests benefits staff across the world.”

Richy Baxter-Freeman, international support for Lush cosmetics, said: “Using Memset’s cloud service has enabled us to quickly roll out the programme to other countries faster than we anticipated. We have been able to quickly take snapshots of the Miniserver and recreate it quickly in the other languages required.”

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