Barratt Developments moves tendering to the cloud

Risk illustrated as a meter

Barratt Developments has adopted Wax Digital's web3 eSourcing to help streamline its tendering and risk management processes.

The cloud-based platform enables Barratt to create tender packs for suppliers and subcontractors, then receive responses to the tenders in a standardised format, which can be analysed and scored before being sent to individuals in the company.

Much of this relies on the correct drawings being sent to suppliers and one of the key concerns of Barratt was that any platform should integrate with the Conject drawing portal.

“Version management of our drawings has been an ongoing challenge for us so Wax Digital will create a single point of integration between web3 eSourcing and our drawing portal using web 3 connect so that only the most up to date versions of drawings are sent to suppliers and contractors," Matthew Paul, group commercial manager at Barratt Developments said.

"The combination of a highly configurable and intuitive supplier onboarding and maintenance process and web3 Connect as an integration layer means that we can achieve this very efficiently right across our complex supply chain”.

Additionally, web3 will also ensure Barratt Developments is adhering to health and safety requirements, with enhanced supplier risk management. Companies working with Barratt can submit their Occupational Health and Safety certificates and Public Liability insurance details when they begin working with the housebuilder and Barratt will be advised when they are due to end.

Paul Ellis, managing director, Wax Digital said: “We are delighted to be working with Barratt Developments as it takes its first steps to the implementation of eSourcing. Organisations in a variety of sectors are already reaping the benefits of web3 eSourcing and Barratt’s vision as to how it will revolutionise its own tendering processes means that the construction sector can now too realise its potential.”

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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