Terremark expands cloud capacity in time for Olympics

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Terremark has installed an extra node of its Enterprise Cloud Managed Edition at its data centre in London.

The company said that the extra capacity would support customers with increasing requirements connected with the 2012 Olympics, which starts in London later this summer.

The London-based data centre facility is part of Terremark’s network of around 50 located data centers across Europe and around the world. These facilities provide security, redundant power and monitoring to maintain availability, and feature colocation and cloud technology for sensitive applications.

It adds to other datacentres the company has deployed. Last September, the company launched the NAP (Network Access Point) in Amsterdam, a facility designed with advanced cooling, power, redundancy and sustainability features to maintain the availability of business-critical applications while reducing energy consumption.

Verizon also recently opened a new combined Security, Network and Remote Operations Centre in Dortmund, Germany.

Nelson Fonseca, president of Terremark, said that the investment in the London data centre was a testament to its “focus on architecting a global enterprise cloud“.

He added: “London is a crucial business hub for Terremark and Verizon, given the number of global multinationals with operations in the region. The expanded cloud capacity enables us to help our customers securely explore innovative new business models, which will help them to achieve their future business success."

Kerry Bailey, Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ chief marketing officer said that the benefits of enterprise cloud services has been of particular interest to businesses in Europe this year, as they are faced with business continuity concerns in connection with the London 2012 Olympics.

“It’s important for us to invest to support our customers where they need us – this is obviously timely in terms of London 2012, but is also part of our focusing on investing in infrastructure to support our customers’ future business growth,” he said.

Rene Millman

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