AWS EU region to provide support services for UK law enforcement

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The UK government has opted to use AWS's EU region to support the services of its law enforcement departments, agencies and organisations.

Although the cloud provider hasn't detailed the plans, most likely due to reasons of national security, the decision was made for the government to use AWS services following an assessment by Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (HODDaT) and the National Policing Information Risk Management Team (NPIRMT).

"The security, privacy, and protection of AWS customers are AWS’s first priority," Oliver Bell, senior manager at AWS said in a blog post. "We are committed to supporting Public Sector, Blue Light, Justice, and Public Safety organizations.

"We hope that other organizations in these sectors will now be encouraged to consider AWS services when addressing their own requirements, including the challenge of providing modern, scalable technologies that can meet their ever-evolving business demands."

The HODDaT designs, builds and develops the services required for the government and its related departments, organisations and agencies. Its aim is to improve the efficiency of the services it provides to both internal departments in their everyday working environment and the public as they access government services.

Working with the NPIRMT, which outlines the governance and roles, responsibilities and methodologies used to assure the police's national information systems and assets, the HODDaT can help implement the appropriate systems and processes needed to help the UK's law enforcement resources to better service UK citizens.

Because UK law enforcement is so highly governed, it was essential the government could find a platform that addressed the storage of highly sensitive data, in a localised data centre, which AWS can offer.

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