American Golf tees up cloud eCommerce from Demandware

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American Golf has used a cloud-based e-retailing platform to launch a series of online shop fronts throughout Europe.

The firm has also recently relaunched seven ecommerce and mobile sites using the Demandware Commerce platform across Europe.

The initiative is part of the company’s move from an on-premise platform to the cloud in support of its aggressive growth plans.

So far the re-launched sites have been rolled out across the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France, with additional sites planned for Italy and other countries.

American Golf, which has 102 stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland, selected Demandware to help it launch new sites fast and effectively, and manage multiple sites across geographies and channels.

The firm said, compared with its legacy on-premise platform, it was able to significantly decrease time to market by using the cloud.

“We achieved in three months with Demandware what would have taken up to a year and required far more resources with our in-house platform,” said Pat Foley, head of eCommerce at American Golf.

“We launched seven web and mobile sites in a very short period of time and are now able to easily replicate changes across the entire estate, rather than dealing with sites, one at a time.

“We’re now on the front foot in every area, from daily management right through to international expansion. The Demandware platform is stable, reliable and allows us to act with speed and agility,” Foley added.

The Demandware Commerce platform has enabled the retailer to focus on strategy and growth, rather than day-to-day performance management, according to Demandware.

Previously, American Golf’s eCommerce team would typically spend 50 per cent of their time resolving issues.

Foley said site performance issues are virtually eliminated and his team is able to dedicate their time to enhancing the customer experience with new features and functionality.

Jeffrey Barnett, chief operating officer at Demandware, said retailers could set up sites faster as the platform provided the necessary tools for “omni-channel retailing, while leveraging the operational efficiencies of our cloud model.”

Rene Millman

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