Outlook.com jettisons Messaging history folder


Users of Microsoft’s Outlook.com cloud email service are to lose the messaging history feature from their online inboxes.

Currently, whenever a user chats using Outlook.com - through Facebook, Google Talk or any of the other “trusted partners” Microsoft developed a plugin for - a copy of the conversation is saved in a folder called Messaging history.

However, users have been informed via email that, as part of the integration of Skype with Outlook.com, the Messaging history folder is to be removed this autumn.

Users who wish to keep a record of their chats will need to create a new folder in Outlook and copy over the contents of the Messaging history folder.

According to Microsoft, once the Messaging history folder is removed, a history of users’ Skype Google Talk and Facebook chat sessions carried out through Outlook.com will be found in the messaging pane.

Signed ‘The Outlook.comTeam’, the email concluded: “We remain focused on making Outlook.com the best email service available. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we update our services.”

The move comes just over a year since Outlook.com was launched. In April, the service fully replaced the pre-existing Microsoft Hotmail service and Google Talk integration was added to Outlook.com messaging just one month later.

But, the new-look email service has not been without its problems. So much so, our sister site IT Pro pulled together a tutorial to help Hotmail natives get to grips with the trickier aspects of Outlook.com.