CopperEgg unleashes analytics with RevealCloud

A dollar sign attached to balloons floats against a sky with clouds

CopperEgg has launched its latest Software as a Service (SaaS) product, claiming to give customers a better overview of their cloud instances.

RevealCloud is performance monitoring software that aims to get information in seconds rather than minutes. It looks across the data centre at the likes of CPU performance, storage capacity and network input and output (I/O) and reports back to IT teams.

“As more companies bet their bottom line on being able to capture, manage and process large data sets faster and cheaper than their competitors, they will need decision support tools that can keep up with the pace,” claimed Scott Johnson, chief executive of CopperEgg.

“RevealCloud helps companies optimise the health – and revenue potential – of big data resources by providing instantaneous insights into the most critical IT and business performance metrics.”

By accessing this tool from the cloud, CopperEgg claims to provide faster report times and more accurate detection, whilst only taking seconds to download rather than installing an extra device to do the work.

The monitoring is said to work across all cloud environments, be they public, private or hybrid.

However, what really seems to sell the product is the price tag, as the standard edition is available for free. There is the option of added features for deeper analysis but these will be charged at a monthly subscription fee.

The news of the latest product comes as CopperEgg announces a further $2 million in venture capitalist funding. The US-based start-up has got the money from Silverton Partners, along with two new additions to the board of directors - Kip McClanahan and Morgan Flager.

“It's exciting that CopperEgg is willing to prove its value to customers by delivering a real product for free,” said McClanahan.

“I'm thrilled to be working closely with such a talented team that is passionate about using an innovative model to bring next-generation IT management services to market.”

Jennifer Scott

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