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Salesforce has talked up the selling and service capabilities of its updated platform, Salesforce1, suggesting the new technology and tools will empower its customers to better serve their own customers.

The cloud giant yesterday unveiled its next-generation platform and has, today, provided more granular detail, on how existing infrastructure assets fit into the picture.

“Imagine if you knew as much about your prospects as you do your best customer. This isn’t the future this is today. This platform allows us to grow faster and stay faster outside, stay connect ed 1:1, sell safer iside and sell with more certainty," said Linda Crawford, executive vice president and general manager of Sales Cloud

"Social, mobile and connected technologies have created a new and increasingly powerful genre of buyers who expect more from companies that want their business. Today’s sales organizations need to transform how to sell in this new world. With the new Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, companies have the platform for selling for the Internet of Customers.”

Salesforce is normally happy to share much of the limelight with its customers. This year's Dreamforce event was no exception.

Arthur Orduña, chief innovation officer, painted a detailed picture of how the security alarm firm is making use of the cloud. He also alluded to many new product and service announcements to come later this year and next.

“At ADT we are absolutely obsessed with protecting our customers. We have 4,400 field sales reps who meet with customer at home and business. We wanted to manage customers much more efficiently," Orduña said.

“It is about evolution and the platform. For about 140 years we've been the leader in protecting a place, a premise. We’re ready to extend protection to people, to families, and from the physical to the digital. To do that we need to extend our platform and that’s why we’re working with Salesforce. The future [outlook] is fantastic. We are going to redefine exactly what protection management and control means for familes and businesses. We’re going to raise the baseline of security and protection. “

In a press Q&A, Benioff was asked whether the new platform was just an opportunity to "sell more sh*t." Benioff did not protest at such an acqusation.

The Salesforce1 Sales Cloud is available now. Pricing starts at $65 per user per month for the Professional Edition.

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