AppSense aids London university in virtualisation journey

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University College London (UCL) has chosen AppSense to help with the institution’s large-scale desktop transformation project, via the AppSense User Virtualisation suite.

The project will commence with the migration of user profiles and data stored on legacy environments. This will involve the the creation of a new Citrix data centre stack, as well as the upgrading of over 5,000 Windows XP physical desktops to Windows 7.

Once migration is complete, AppSense will be used to manage the new desktops, including application policy and user profiles for up to 33,000 users across UCL.

The organisation claims that, once completed, the project will enable the university to manage its physical and virtual desktop estate more effectively. It will also allow students to use their own mobile devices to securely access their desktop, applications and data both on campus and remotely.

Steve Atkinson, project desktop architect at UCL, said: “Managing University IT, with tens of thousands of users, effectively requires an enterprise-level approach.”

“AppSense will enable us to easily manage our desktop and application portfolio, while providing our staff and students with a single, personalised user experience wherever they are,” he added.

Corporate and channel sales manager at AppSense, Nigel Wilson, said: “Universities are full of young, highly tech-savvy users who have chosen the hardware they want to use and want to be able to ... access the same desktop and data wherever they are.”

This new, user-centric system, powered by Citrix and AppSense technologies, will enable students to seamlessly access everything they need from whatever device, and location, they want,” Wilson concluded.

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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