data breaches

data breaches

Twitter alerts business customers after flagging data breach

The company has apologised for an error that meant third-parties may have had local access to personal data
23 Jun 2020
data breaches

Activists publish 269GB of hacked US police force data

DDoSecrets publish more than one million 'BlueLeaks' files including documents, videos and emails
22 Jun 2020
data breaches

Niche dating apps expose almost 1TB of user data

Sensitive material, including images and voice recordings, has been exposed due to a misconfigured AWS S3 bucket
16 Jun 2020
data breaches

Nintendo hack was twice as big as first reported

The Japanese games company has admitted that 300,000 accounts were affected by recent breach
10 Jun 2020
data breaches

Fitness Depot notifies customers of data breach

The fitness retailer has said its ISP was to blame for a breach of its online store
8 Jun 2020
data breaches

Amtrak Guest Reward suffers a data breach

Amtrak discloses unauthorized third-party access to Amtrak Guest Rewards accounts
3 Jun 2020
data breaches

EasyJet faces class-action lawsuit over data breach

If successful, every customer impacted by the breach could receive a £2,000 payout
26 May 2020
Data on screen, viewed by shadowy hacker

Report finds 90% of data breaches are financially motivated

Verizon's Data Breach Investigation Report also found web application breaches rose 43% year-on-year
20 May 2020
data breaches

EasyJet hack exposes details of nine million customers

Data breach also saw attackers access the credit card details of 2,208 users
19 May 2020
data breaches

GoDaddy admits it fell victim to data breach in October

An unauthorised third-party gained access to login information used to connect to SSH protocol on hosting accounts
5 May 2020
data breaches

Kinomap data breach exposes 42 million records

40GB of exposed data includes users' names and personal details
22 Apr 2020
data breaches

SOS Online Backup breach exposes 135 million customer records

This massive breach could have legal ramifications for this industry-leading provider
2 Apr 2020
Marriott hotel sign
data breaches

Marriott data breach exposes personal data of 5.2 million guests

The hotel chain has notified guests of a second massive data breach within 18 months
31 Mar 2020
data breaches

General Electric employees hit by Canon data breach

A raft of information, including passports and social security numbers, was accessed for 10 days in February
24 Mar 2020
data breaches

Printing company exposes 343GB of sensitive military data

The leak is the latest in a series of data blunders discovered by vpnMentor's web-mapping project
20 Mar 2020
data breaches

Facebook sued by Australia over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Company could be fined hundreds of billions of dollars if lawsuit representing 300,000 citizens is upheld
9 Mar 2020
data breaches

Clearview AI client list hacked

The facial recognition company reportedly works with the FBI and US law enforcement
27 Feb 2020
data breaches

White House security agency rocked by data breach

The personal details of 200,000, including social security numbers, were compromised in 2019
21 Feb 2020
cyber warfare

US indicts four Chinese military officials over Equifax hack

The indictments come as tensions between the US and China continue to escalate
11 Feb 2020
data breaches

Yahoo’s $117 million data breach settlement rubber-stamped

Eligible users can claim up to an estimated $100 following the compromise of data in several major breaches
6 Feb 2020

United Nations hit by possible state-sponsored attack

At least 40 servers were compromised over three separate European offices, according to a leaked report
30 Jan 2020
penetration testing

What is Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)?

Explaining the latest security tool helping organisations identify and rectify vulnerabilities in their cyber defences
29 Jan 2020
Business classroom with a woman talking about cyber security, blue padlock image on whiteboard

Our 5-minute guide to security awareness training

How security awareness training can build resilience in your business and reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber attack
24 Jan 2020