The IT Pro Podcast: DevOps for fun and profit

Software development is changing. Instead of separate, siloed development, operations and testing teams working in isolation on different elements of massive, monolithic applications, companies are adopting newer and more agile methods, using DevOps practises to build cloud-native applications in a faster and more effective manner.

This journey isn’t always easy, though and many organisations find it challenging to spin up a successful DevOps competency at enterprise scale. In this week’s IT Pro Podcast, we’re joined by Jon Topper, founder and CEO of The Scale Factory, to learn more about how enterprises can make their cloud deployments a success and implement DevOps methodologies to supercharge their development lifecycles.

Elsewhere, we take a look at a rather embarrassing Microsoft data leak, Glenn Greenwald’s arrest for alleged cybercrimes in Brazil, and IBM’s financial reversal of fortunes.

You can find Jon on Twitter @JTopper, or click here if you're an AWS customer who wants to find out more about The Scale Factory's Well-Architected reviews programme.






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