Reducing MTTR the right way

Although MTTR (mean time to resolution) is one of the most widely used metrics of systems reliability, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Many DevOps teams find it difficult to define, use, or improve, and with increasing reliance on software for running businesses, a lack of understanding around MTTR can disrupt the digital customer experience and, ultimately, threaten the bottom line.

So how do you avoid these problems? You will need a progressive approach to defining and applying MTTR, combining comprehensive instrumentation and monitoring with a reliable incident-response process and a team with an in-depth understanding of MTTR.

This whitepaper walks you through 10 best practices for reducing MTTR the right way. If your team is in need of an improved incident-response plan and a wider understanding of MTTR in general, then this is an ideal whitepaper for you.


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