IT Pro Live: From iPhones to healthcare in the middle of a crisis

If you've spent half a decade developing the iPhone for Europe you know a thing or two about user-friendly tech for the masses. Benoit Machefer, CEO of NHS online pharmacy, Echo, used that experience to help develop and design what has now become one of the most important apps of the COVID-19 crisis in the UK, Lloyd’s Pharmacy’s Echo app. In his keynote, he shares what skills he has been able to transfer and how he has shifted in the move from delivering cutting-edge mobile phones to critical prescriptions, as well as how the business has coped with becoming a more critical service than ever during COVID-19.

Benoit Machefer

CEO, Echo

Benoit Machefer is the CEO of Echo. After starting his career at Apple where he spent 5 years growing the iPhone business in Europe, Benoit joined Echo in summer 2016 in his quest for a new and entrepreneurial challenge. Echo is simplifying Pharmacy, turning the process of getting hold of prescription medicines into a seamless and enjoyable experience. As employee #8, Benoit has been instrumental to Echo's success through several leadership roles before becoming CEO in 2020.


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