web browser

Google Chrome 86 update could add 28% to your battery life

Update may throttle background tabs so Chrome hogs less battery
6 Jul 2020

Privacy groups warn against Google's acquisition of Fitbit

Advocacy groups claim Google could exploit Fitbit’s data collection capabilities
2 Jul 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)

Google makes Seasonal Savings free for all Nest owners

Program helps the average smart home user achieve 3 to 5% in energy savings
1 Jul 2020
Policy & legislation

Sources say federal and state Google antitrust probes nearly done

Google antitrust probe expected to end with a lawsuit this summer
29 Jun 2020
search engine optimization (SEO)

Fact-check information now added to Google Images

Articles with fact-checked images to include a label
23 Jun 2020
Google Android

Google Maps may soon help you connect to mass transit

The app is looking at ways to help people commute via mass transit
23 Jun 2020
social media

Google takes another stab at social media with 'Keen' app

Google’s experimental workshop is targeting social media again with a new Pinterest-like app
22 Jun 2020
social media

Facebook buys street-level mapping start-up Mapillary

The social network plans to take on Apple and Google in ground-level mapping
19 Jun 2020
Google Android

Google Meet is now available on Android and iOS devices

Google weaves Meet into the Gmail iOS and Android app, making mobile meetings possible
17 Jun 2020
Policy & legislation

Google Chrome team to use racially neutral code

Google Chrome team will move away from words like “blacklist” and “whitelist”
8 Jun 2020
Google Android

Arizona files lawsuit against Google for illegally tracking Android users’ locations

Google claims Arizona has mischaracterized Android’s location services
29 May 2020
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email providers

Gmail introduces new features to makes personalizing your inbox easier

G Suite customers will see the Quick Setting feature starting June 2020
28 May 2020
Google Android

Google Assistant can now verify payments using your voice

Google's new Voice Match tool is currently restricted to in-app digital purchases
27 May 2020
Google Android

Google Maps celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Accessible Places

Notes whether a business is wheelchair accessible or not
22 May 2020
Policy & legislation

Justice Department likely bringing an antitrust lawsuit against Google

Several state attorneys general seek litigation too
18 May 2020
Mobile Phones

Google’s Pixel team shaken up after disappointing Pixel 4 launch

Key members Mario Queiroz and Marc Levoy have reportedly moved on from the team
14 May 2020
Google Android

Google Pixel 4 review: Delight and frustration

Google’s latest handset is a mixed bag of blistering cameras and battery woes
13 May 2020
Google Android

Google Pixel 3 review

The Pixel 3 is the smartest smartphone we’ve ever seen
12 May 2020
search engine optimization (SEO)

DuckDuckGo vs. Google: Privacy or popularity?

Google may reign as king, but it’s not the only option in the world of search
7 May 2020
video conferencing

Google Hangouts review: The pros and cons of simplicity

From its ease-of-use to its lack of functionality, Hangouts is a basic, but safe, videoconferencing tool
5 May 2020
cloud security

Why and how I enrolled in Google’s Advanced Protection Program

Physical security keys are at the heart of the company’s efforts to protect high-profile targets
28 Apr 2020
web browser

Google halts controversial Chrome update in wake of coronavirus outbreak

Google rolls back SameSite cookie changes to avoid breaking the internet
6 Apr 2020
Google Android

Google app update may fix Android Auto voice-command bug (unless it doesn’t)

Google tries again to fix the bug that eliminates a key feature
6 Apr 2020