The VIC-20 returns after almost 40 years

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The VIC-20 computer has been given a new lease of life as the THEVIC20, a fully licensed re-imagining of the classic 80s staple.

Developed by Retro Games Ltd and distributed by Koch Media, THEVIC20 includes a full working keyboard and an updated 1.5m wired micro-switched classic joystick which plugs into one of the four USB ports.

In contrast to its predecessor, it's also capable of connecting to any modern TV using HDMI and features three modes to choose from: the original VIC-20 BASIC, the C64 BASIC, or the Games Carousel, which allows users to play one of the 64 built-in games which includes everything from Arcadia and Laser Zone to Paradroid and Boulder Dash.

THEVIC20 also features a save game function, selectable 50Hz or 60Hz screen refresh, as well as pixel filter options such as pixel perfect, CRT and scanline emulation. Users will also be able to upload their own files, games and firmware revisions using a USB flash drive.

The original VIC-20 was released in 1981 and went on to become the first computer of any kind to sell one million units.

Retro Games’ managing director Paul Andrews said that the company is “really excited to be working with Koch Media once more” as part of its efforts to provide users with “even more of the most loved retro games ever on two of the most iconic home computers of all time”.

Retro Games, which is based in the UK, has previously successfully produced and released games across formats such as the C64, Spectrum, GBA, and Wii. Members of the team also successfully brought to market the C64DTV direct to TV C64 games console and Nintendo Wii C64 games.

Koch Media is an Austrian-based producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, including games, films, and software. It has formed strategic alliances with numerous games and software publishers, including Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, Kaspersky Labs, Konami, Koei Tecmo, Milestone, Sega, and Square Enix.

THEVIC20 variant of the THEC64 is to become available in stores on 23 October priced at £109.99.


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