HPE to offer the world’s most secure US-built servers

HPE Trusted Supply Chain sticker on hardware

In the interest of a growing number of public sector customers that prefer US-sourced products with verifiable cyber-assurance and federal laws prohibiting components and IT products sourced from Chinese companies, HPE has announced a new Trusted Supply Chain initiative.

“With the new HPE Trusted Supply Chain, we are furthering our commitment to deliver the highest level of security in all of our server products by diversifying our supply base with US sourcing and applying stronger security at the factory floor,” said John Grosso, vice president of global operations engineering, supply chain, at HPE.

“We are guaranteeing that our customers will have full visibility and cyber assurance of their servers to focus resources on deploying their new solutions and optimizing their IT experience.”

Developed by vetted HPE employees in maximum-security US facilities, the new servers boast a built-in layer of hardened security that can provide the most thorough end-to-end data protection by:

  • Preventing booting of any compromised OS
  • Reducing attack surface by placing servers in high-security mode
  • Restricting tampering of server firmware and hardware
  • Alerting users with embedded alarm and physical lock in the event of an intrusion

For a more secure cloud experience, HPE plans to offer all HPE servers manufactured through the HPE Trusted Supply Chain as-a-Service via HPE GreenLake.

HPE will also offer additional made-in-Europe choices for its European customers beginning in 2021.


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