Apple will replace crackling AirPods Pro for free

AirPod Pro headphones and case

After months of complaints about faulty AirPod Pros, Apple has admitted there may be some defective units produced before October 2020 and that customers can get their faulty AirPods Pro replaced free of charge via a special support page.

The defective AirPods develop a crackling sound that worsens in loud environments when exercising or talking on the phone. Others may experience faulty active noise cancellation, including a loss of bass or increased background sounds.

Customers who suspect their AirPods Pro are faulty can seek help in one of three ways:

  1. Find an Apple Authorized Service Provider
  2. Make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store
  3. Contact Apple Support

The program is only for affected AirPods Pro models — not the standard AirPod models — and covers them for two years after the purchase date. This repair service will cover only the malfunctioning AirPod unit, left, right or both.

Apple is rumored to release two new AirPod models in 2021, according to a Bloomberg report. One new release will reportedly be a third-generation entry-level AirPods with a shorter stem, replaceable ear tips and longer battery life.

The other is the second-generation AirPod Pros that will reportedly be smaller without sacrificing any of the current model’s features.


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