iPhone 12 models won't include EarPods or power adapter in the box

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple iPhone 12 models won’t include EarPods or a power adapter.

Instead, Kuo claims Apple will release a new 20-watt power adapter with USB-C power delivery for fast charging as an optional accessory for iPhone 12 buyers. Kuo also predicts Apple will end production of its existing 5- and 18-watt power adapters later this year.

Kuo’s prediction is based on increased production costs attributed to 5G support, but nonetheless, the analyst predicts the iPhone 12 pricing will be similar to the current selection of models.

While taking out the earbuds and charger will certainly help Apple cut costs, customers without an extra charger or earphones lying around will be stuck buying them. Apple currently sells its 18-watt adapter and earbuds for $29 each.

Analysts at Barclays also believe Apple will not include a charger or earbuds with upcoming iPhone 12 models. The only thing Barclays foresees Apple including in the box is a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. Barclays analysts say they’ve based their predictions on recent talks with Apple suppliers.

Barclay’s analysts predict more than a lack of charger or earbuds when it comes to the iPhone 12 too. Analysts also believe the mass production of iPhone 12 models is an estimated four to six weeks behind schedule.

Though Apple is still expected to announce the new iPhone lineup this September, analysts for Barclays say some iPhone models may not be available to consumers until October or November.