Lenovo's new sustainability program looks to extend device lifecycles

A view of the Lenovo logo during Viva Technology at Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles on June 15, 2017 in Paris, France
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Lenovo has announced the launch of a new scheme aimed at helping customers extend PC lifecycles and improve sustainability by enabling them to deploy refurbished devices.

The initiative, dubbed Lenovo Certified Refurbished, will prevent the rapid turnaround and short life cycles of PCs by ensuring that they are reused for “different computing needs” instead of being discarded. 

As part of the scheme, the device manufacturer also revealed Lenovo Truscale Device as a Service (DaaS) customers will also be able to target reductions in IT emissions by improving overall device circularity. 

Lenovo Truscale Daas is an “outcome-based consumption” model, the firm said, meaning it can help businesses efficiently manage services and reduce waste through a single source.

“We’re excited to extend TruScale DaaS benefits to include options like Lenovo Certified Refurbished and help make IT circularity more achievable for customers,” Anupam Garg, Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions Offering Development leader, said.

Lenovo isn't alone in its sustainability efforts

The move from Lenovo comes amid a period of sharpened focus on device sustainability among major manufacturers. 

In January, Logitech announced that five of its existing video collaboration devices were being redesigned with ‘next-life’ recycled plastics in order to lower their carbon footprint.

Logitech’s chief operating officer, Prakash Arunkundrum, chalked the move up to the firm's pursuit of more climate-conscious clients.

Lenovo is similarly committed to “implementing circular practices at every stage of the IT lifecycle”. The firm specifically highlighted this as a key differentiator for enterprise customers, many of whom are becoming increasingly eco-conscious.

Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared, told ITPro that manufacturers and providers are ramping up sustainability options in direct response to customer demands. 

“Tech leaders will need to find innovative ways of using the technology that they have to commit to a more sustainable future, as a miracle solution isn’t just over the horizon,” she said.

“The current economic situation may not be helping, but we need to move Net Zero off the ‘corporate governance’ agenda, and into actual working practices and operations on the ground,” White added.

Through the Lenovo 360 Circle community, the firm will make sure to pay close attention to channel partners, ensuring that they are worked into the circular economy roadmap. 

Lenovo Certified Refurbished PCs also undergo comprehensive data sanitisation, according to the firm, as well as expert testing to meet Lenovo’s quality, security, and performance standards.

“Environmental sustainability is a leading concern for businesses of every size, in every sector,” Claudia Contreras, Executive Director of Global Sustainability Services for Lenovo, said.  

“Certified Refurbished will help reduce e-waste, give devices new life, and positively contribute to the circular economy,” she added. 

“Organizations from industries such as technology and telecommunications need to alter their opinion that it is just certain sectors creating the fumes and chemicals impacting the planet,” White said. 

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