Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Intel mulls sale of connected home unit to MaxLinear

The chip maker has reportedly been seeking a buyer for its fringe division for months
19 Feb 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)

Why the Internet of Things needs security by design

As adoption of connected devices skyrockets, technology manufacturers hold an increasingly important role in defending against security threats
7 Feb 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)

Cisco security chief backs government IoT regulation

Connected devices are giving CISOs a "headache", and authorities should step in to impose minimum standards
29 Jan 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)

Government moves to ban weak default passwords on IoT devices

DCMS proposes a trio of security requirements that shore up millions of smart home gadgets
27 Jan 2020
Google Home and Amazon Echo
Internet of Things (IoT)

Amazon, Apple and Google join forces on voice for smart homes

Voice assistants from rivals will work across smart home devices thanks to working group from Zigbee Alliance
19 Dec 2019

Why 5G could be a cyber security nightmare

The latest generation of mobile connectivity promises many marvellous things, but it could also be a hacker's dream
6 Dec 2019
Internet of Things (IoT)

Amazon offloads Alexa processing to the cloud

The cloud giant reduces baseline hardware requirements for Alexa devices to make IoT services easier to deploy
26 Nov 2019
data managementwhitepaper

Solving IoT data management challenges

It's time for organisations to prepare their data architecture to cope with the scale of data
15 Nov 2019
Ring doorbell
Internet of Things (IoT)

Ring doorbells leak users' Wi-Fi passwords in clear text

News comes amid mounting criticism of the Amazon-owned surveillance company
8 Nov 2019
Botnet graphic

IoT botnets are on the rise and 5G isn’t helping anything

Botnets are more common and coming in more diverse strains than ever before
29 Oct 2019
Edge computing connecting software and applications
Internet of Things (IoT)

How edge computing can benefit businesses

Edge computing may receive less attention than cloud computing, yet it may be the secret to transforming business operations
27 Sep 2019
Internet of Things (IoT)

Amazon plans on making its own Wi-Fi challenger network

As more low-level IoT devices enter the homes of many, a new network may be needed to connect them to their users
26 Sep 2019
Open Networking Summit Keynote
Network & Internet

Open standards for VNFs is a boon to open networking

The model will drastically streamline the compliance and verification process of bringing virtual network functions to market
25 Sep 2019
Edge computing connecting software and applications
Internet of Things (IoT)

Linux expands its LF Edge collective with new projects

The umbrella organisation seeks to harmonise existing IoT specifications under one platform
23 Sep 2019

What is edge computing?

Edge computing is central to making the IoT fast, secure and useful
16 Sep 2019
A collection of IoT devices
cloud computing

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Wondering about the Internet of Things? Here's our guide to all things connected
13 Sep 2019
Man holding mobile phone over laptop with double exposure city overlay

What is shadow IT?

Hardware and software that isn't authorised by IT departments can leave businesses vulnerable
19 Jul 2019
Internet of Things (IoT)

What is a Bluetooth mesh network?

How Bluetooth enabled IoT devices are creating automated working environments with seamless integration
8 Jul 2019

EC's connected car plans rejected by member states

The news follows months of heavy criticism from the wider industry
8 Jul 2019
HPE logo

HPE boosts edge presence with new products

Infrastructure behemoth set to release numerous services and appliances this summer
24 Jun 2019
Internet of Things (IoT)

What the internet of things means for democracy

It's difficult to know what data is being collected and what is not, and that's only going to get worse
7 Jun 2019
Hackers on IoT mock up
Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT cyber attacks cost UK economy £1bn each year

Research suggests cyber criminals view IoT devices as "low-hanging fruit"
23 May 2019
Vodafone store front
Network & Internet

Vodafone is the first carrier to name its 5G switch-on date

The telco will launch 5G in more cities than any other network too
15 May 2019