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If you think your business can't afford a fleet of powerful thin and light laptops, think again. The AMD powered HP EliteBook 725 G3 delivers performance, features and style without busting the budget.

Modern business is driven by technology, and the right technology can improve efficiency, productivity and even morale. No one wants to carry a big, heavy and underpowered laptop around with them, so if you want your workforce to be up and running wherever and whenever, you need to equip them with something they want to use.

The HP EliteBook 725 G3 delivers both style and substance, coupling a sleek thin and light chassis with cutting edge components and features. No matter how demanding you and your workforce are, the EliteBook 725 G3 will take things in its stride.

Powered by the AMD PRO A12 Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), the EliteBook 725 G3 will plough through even the most complex tasks. With four CPU cores on hand, you'll be able to multi-task and make the most of multi-threaded Windows applications. The days of twiddling your thumbs while your laptop churns are over.

The AMD PRO 12 APU also features integrated Radeon R7 graphics processing, so any graphically heavy applications or 3D rasterisation work won't be a problem, either. The EliteBook 725 G3 really does have enough power under the hood to handle anything you throw at it.

That AMD APU is backed up by 8GB of RAM, which can be upgraded to 16GB to cater for memory intensive applications. Storage comes courtesy of a 256GB SSD, ensuring lightning fast boot times and no hanging around waiting for programs to launch. The SSD also draws far less power than a conventional hard drive, helping to improve battery life.

Talking of battery life, the HP EliteBook 725 G3 has a 44WHr Li-ion polymer battery that's good for eight and a half hours of use that puts all-day remote working on the table without the need to carry a power supply.

The Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 screen provides enough desktop real estate for even the most excessive multi-taskers, while the optional touchscreen version unlocks the full potential of Windows 10. But even without a touchscreen interaction and navigation is a breeze thanks to the large, gesture-enabled glass touchpad.

Despite its svelte dimensions 31.1 x 21.89 x 1.89mm (WxDxH) and light weight 1.26kg the EliteBook 725 G3 has all the connectivity options that a business user would want both physical and wireless.

Around the chassis you'll find two USB 3.0 ports, one of which will charge devices even when the laptop is sleeping. There's also a USB Type-C port, both analogue VGA and digital DisplayPort video connectors, a headphone socket and an RJ45 Ethernet port. Last, but by no means least, is a docking connector, making it easy for worker to get up and running as soon as they arrive at their desk.

Wireless connectivity is well catered for, too, with the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard on-board, as well as Bluetooth 4.1 for low power, high speed peripheral connections. There's also the option of integrated 4G LTE data connectivity, ensuring that you're always connected, even when there's no Wi-Fi available.

With a high-resolution webcam, dual array microphones and audio tuned by Bang & Olufsen, the EliteBook 725 G3 is perfect for VoIP and video calling. And with HP's Clear Sound amplifier and custom noise reduction software, you'll be able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues no matter where you may be.

Security is also high on the agenda with the EliteBook 725 G3, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your sensitive business data won't fall into the wrong hands. HP Sure Start ensures that even BIOS level malware attacks aren't a problem, with the laptop checking its BIOS against a clean version on every boot, and overwriting the main BIOS if it becomes compromised.

There's an integrated smartcard reader for further security measures and the option of a fingerprint scanner for added biometric security or to just solve those forgotten password problems that are so prevalent in corporate IT environments.

Rolling out a fleet of AMD powered HP EliteBook 725 G3 laptops doesn't need to be heart attack inducing for your financial director, either. By opting for a device-as-a-service solution from XMA, your business can spread the cost of a hardware rollout and avoid the pain of up-front capital investment.

Not only will your business benefit from a regular fixed cost payment programme but XMA will give you the option to upgrade to brand new hardware every three years! XMA will also provide class leading support every step of the way, ensuring that your new IT hardware is ideally suited to your business needs.

To find out how you can transform your business with the AMD powered HP EliteBook 725 G3 contact XMA at or 0115 846 4369.


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