Hive80 offers peer and professional answers to health questions

Hive80 has announced its free consumer health empowerment platform,, debuts nationwide today. Focused exclusively on health, wellness and medicine, Hive80 encourages peer-to-peer and expert health information exchanges.

According to the Hive80 team, 80% of the world seeks medical information online and because getting even the simplest health questions answered can be difficult, information seekers are often left feeling isolated and frustrated. That’s where the all-new Hive80 platform comes in.

When using Hive80, members choose hives -- a hive is the platform’s name for health topics -- which allow them to learn more about their unique health issues by exploring content from medical professionals and peers. Users are also encouraged to share personal health stories and connect with others who’ve faced similar experiences and struggles.

Health topics include coronavirus, mental health, addiction, chronic pain, aging and more. Each hive is filled with various types of content, including news articles, podcasts, streaming video and book reviews.

"We launched Hive80 to be a safe place to explore the health worries many of us often have, but also a place to celebrate your health insights and victories with others who are in the same boat as you," explained company founder Jennifer Banmiller.

"It is very important to be able to share valuable support and feedback together, and to access incredible resources – research, hospitals, doctors, and much more – in order to make your personal health journey as positive and successful as it can be. Our overall mission is to help people attain long-term health and happiness, and we believe that connecting people and allowing them to collaborate freely, with their privacy fully protected, is the best way to demystify these critical health issues and empower solutions – something we all really need right now.