Facebook launches Manage Activity for archiving and deleting old posts

A Facebook business page with notifications
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People’s lives are constantly changing, and what they shared online with friends as a teenager could be embarrassing when applying for a job or navigating their adult lives. Facebook has made it possible to curate your online presence to more accurately reflect who you are today with its new Manage Activity features, which allows users to archive or delete old posts.

Manage Activity allows you to archive content you want to keep for yourself, but don’t want others on Facebook to see. For example, you could archive an amusing post from your high school days or a birthday celebration.

It also allows you to move posts to the trash, where they will remain for 30 days before being deleted. You can choose to restore the posts within this time if you change your mind or manually delete the posts if you want them gone now.

Manage Activity supports bulk viewing and managing of posts. It also includes filters for sorting and finding posts with specific people or from a given date range.

Facebook plans to continue adding new functionality to help users manage their digital footprints.

Manage Activity has launched for mobile and Facebook Lite. It’ll eventually be available on desktop.

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