Google takes another stab at social media with 'Keen' app

The Google logo on the side of its headquarters
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Google has introduced its newest foray into the world of social media in the form of a Pintrest-like Android app called Keen.

Users who join Keen can use it as a place to store and share curated information on any topic they choose, but instead of having a “board” as on Pinterest, Keen users can generate “Keens.”

Whether you’re into seashell art, classic cars, astrology or anything else, you can create a Keen to collect your favorite pictures or articles from the web in one place. It’s up to you whether you wish to share your Keens or keep them private.

In a blog post on Google’s site, Keen co-founder CJ Adams said the new social media platform can help users find relevant content to add to their Keens.

“We use Google Search and the latest in machine learning to remain on the lookout for helpful content related to your interests," he said. "The more you save to a Keen and organize it, the better the recommendations become.

This isn’t Google’s first attempt to nudge its way into the social media game. But thus far, its ventures haven’t gone over well. Google Video was an attempt to compete with YouTube.

After Google Video failed, the search engine leader simply bought YouTube in 2006. Other doomed social media efforts included Google Wave, Google Buzz, Google+, and Jaiku.